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Drive Brand Awareness and sales in the Lifestyle & Beauty sector


Birchbox is the UK’s no.1 Beauty Subscription Service that sends their subscribers a box of selected samples of beauty related products. Combining monthly deliveries of personalized samples with original editorial and an exciting ecommerce shop that sells products like skincare items, perfumes, organic based products, and various other cosmetics.


Birchbox was looking to engage with their target audience in a fun an innovative way to increase brand awareness and drive sales during summer.


• Creating a 6-question Whichit Commercial Quiz to collect target audience’s opinion and their preferences of makeup and beauty routines.

• Displayed the quiz on Birchbox website in the form of a native ad, on a branded landing page.

• Ending the quiz with a personal outcome and feedback based on selected preferences and a customized commercial offer inviting the audience to purchase a box using a discount code.

• Displaying a different commercial offer for current subscribers and new to the brand.


The quiz was built from a series of attractive questions related to astrology, beauty routines and the season’s favourites, allowing us grabbing the audience’s attention and raising awareness about the brand from the start. This type of information enabled the brand to collect information about their influencers, preferred body feature, and favourite colour palettes. The last question ‘Are you a Birchbox Subscriber?’ determines the commercial offer on the Engage Card


Channel – Birchbox branded landing page on their website

Targeting – UK and Ireland based, female, ages between 18 – 35

Delivery – Over 24,000 Unique Views

Run time – 10 days

Result – The campaign was extremely appealing to both brand’s current audience and to the new potential clients with 89% Engagement rate (from people who saw the quiz to first interaction).

Birchbox stages themselves as innovative to their current audience, allowing them to give their feedback about their beauty routine. This data can be used for personalized boxes, improving customer satisfaction and up-sell.

The new potential client base, were redirected to Birchbox’s site with a different commercial proposition, making them exciting to join after discovering their Beauty horoscope and their special offer.

Statistics – The Whichit Quiz generated 24,268 unique views, over unique 21,000 engagements, and 6,587 people were redirected to the Birchbox ecommerce website. From the total of users that landed on the client’s site, 60% were new clients. All question on the quiz were very appealing for the audience, making a very high Quiz Completion rate at 97%.

Actionable insights have been collected during the campaign. Discovering the most popular items, beauty routines and connections between products can be used in future campaigns and to create personalized subscriptions.

Birchbox’s audience loved the interaction with the quiz and the brand decided to make Whichit commercial quizzes as part of their marketing routine, and to date, Birchbox has created their 8th campaign with Whichit.


Whichit is Interactive Commercial Content at the forefront of its field. By asking target audiences a series of questions through addictive image based polls, surveys, quizzes and trivia, advertisers increase brand engagement, open new revenue streams & gain actionable insights. It runs as rich media ad units through IAB formats, native ad slots, and on social platforms i.e. anywhere across the internet (programmatic and/or straight display) across all devices and channels. The Whichit Ad unit is dynamic, responsive and interactive.

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