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During the summer term, Third Space Learning will be running  Maths Intervention Showcases at schools across England and Wales.

These will provide teachers with the chance to share best practice, network with colleagues from neighbouring schools and to see our 1 to 1 Maths interventions in action. With over 100 showcases to choose from there’s bound to be one near you.

Why come along to a showcase?

With budget cuts and increasing costs, schools are having to make difficult decisions around resourcing and staffing, affecting the level of personalised support you can give to your pupils.

Our Third Space showcases provide a forum for you to meet other schools in similar positions and find out what they’re doing to ensure attainment and progress remain consistent.

Attendees will  be able to hear how other schools are managing in this context, find out about and tried and tested teaching approaches, and discover innovative strategies which might be of benefit to your school.

We’ll be leading an informal discussion around best practice to support all pupils in Maths, with a focus on how you can make best use of your budget to improve attainment across your school.

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Find out about our innovative and budget friendly intervention

All our showcases are held at schools who are already using Third Space Learning so this is the perfect chance to find out more about our intervention packages which help improve pupil confidence and attainment in Maths.

Teachers and SLT from the host school will be on hand to provide honest and practical insights into how Third Space Learning could work for your pupils.

See our 1-to-1 lessons in action

During the Third Space showcase teachers will see a live one to one teaching session to take place with a group of pupils.

This brings our intervention to life and shows you how pupil engagement and confidence in Maths is increased through regular mathematical discussion in a low-pressure environment for each pupil.

You’ll see how our tutors help pupils build conceptual understanding and apply their learning to problem questions and why the pupils we work with love their lessons so much!

Free online resource library

We’ll also be demonstrating how you can make the most our online resource library. Third Space Maths Hub provides assessment, online CPD and a wealth of materials to support teachers with planning.

A member of our team will talk you through how you can use our hub to empower all teachers and raise attainment for your pupils.

Where the events are being held

Over 100 schools who use Third Space Learning already have volunteered to open their doors and share what they think is great about Third Space. Explore the map below to find an event near you.

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“It’s great meeting professionals from other schools who are interested in running Third Space Learning in their school and discussing with them the impact it has had on our children’s learning. Our pupils really enjoy being able to share their session with the visitors and show them what they have been doing.”

Claire Peats, Assistant Headteacher, Tinsley Meadows Academy, Sheffield

The top 3 reasons why teachers attend a Maths Showcase:

  1. To see a live, innovative 1-to-1 Maths intervention in action
  2. To share best practice and network with other local teachers
  3. To speak to teachers and pupils about their experiences working with Third Space

“The Showcase was great and informative – I now know how the programme will work within our own school.”

About Third Space Learning:

We are the leading provider of 1-to-1 primary Maths tuition working with 5% of UK primary schools to supercharge their Maths results whilst boosting pupils’ confidence and creating a positive mindset towards Maths.

We support pupils with weekly 1-to-1 interventions in our online classroom whilst the whole school benefits from our premium Maths Hub.

Target children will sit a weekly 1 to 1 session with their own tutor on a topic that has been pre-selected by their class teacher or by a smart online diagnostic tool which helps you to identify gaps. This ensures that teaching targets the children’s most significant gaps. You receive weekly reports which keep you informed with the progress your pupils are making.

Inside the Maths Hub, you will find a complete range of teaching resources, CPD video’s for staff and diagnostic assessment that can be used with all of your children throughout the school.

An example of the great Maths resources and CPD support found in the Third Space Maths Hub
An example of the great Maths resources and CPD support found in the Third Space Maths Hub

In an independent trial using Rising Star’s PUMA assessments, pupils who had weekly interventions from Third Space Learning tutors made 7 months progress over 14 weeks. 

If you would like to attend a showcase, please follow the link below and register to one of our Eventbrite pages. If you cannot find time to attend a showcase but would like more information, please call 0203 771 0095 or email james.gregson@thirdspacelearning.com.

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James Gregson,

Events Lead

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